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  • Bradley Clarkson & Frances Amey -- Tom and Emma in 'TOM'

  • Elisha Lawrence-Bardsley -- Amy in 'Magic Girl'

  • Bradley Clarkson -- Tom in 'TOM'

  • Frances Amey & Robert Eldridge -- Emma and Alan in 'TOM'

  • Milli Taylor -- Emily in 'Postie'

  • Jason Bailey & Niki Felstead -- Ian and Steph in 'Magic Girl'

  • Tim J Henley -- Richard in 'Postie'

  • Tom Wontner -- Paul the Dentist in 'Dentally Does It'

  • Zach Dodd -- Josh in 'Postie'

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Dentally Does It

Black Comedy - 2005 - 9 mins - (completed)

jamesspacer Tom1 spacertom-holly spacerhollyspacer james-holly3

A short film which centres around a Dentist (Paul) his wife (Kate) and the Dentist's old school friend (Jack). Paul and Jack never really got on, they used to just tolerate each other.

Jack's a womanising estate agent who doesn't have much time for other people, Paul's an upstanding Dentist with a lovely wife; but just how much does Paul know? "Dentally Does It" is a black comedy with a twist in the tail.

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